SaveOurAir is an experiment funded by Organicity.

The partnership is characterised by a multidisciplinary composition, in order to provide all the knowledge needed in the creation of data-stories.

Partners List


Anders Koed Madsen, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Anders Kristian Munk, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Nikolaj Frøsig, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Daniel Bach, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Mischa Benjamin Szpirt, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Mads Friborg Retoft, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Pelle Isralsson, TantLab - Aalborg University Copenhagen
Diana Silva, Kings College London
Jonathan Gray, Kings College London
Lucy Kimbell, Innovation Insights Hub, University of the Arts London
Lara Salinas, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
Tommaso Venturini, Univ Lyon, Inria, ENS de Lyon, CNRS, UCB Lyon 1, 69342, Lyon, FRANCE
Michele Mauri, DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico di Milano
Ángeles Briones, DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico di Milano
Chiara Piva, DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico di Milano
Matteo Sacchi, DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico di Milano
Giulia Cosentino, DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico di Milano
Mathieu Jacomy, Médialab Sciences Po
Guillaume Plique, Médialab Sciences Po
Axel Meunier, Médialab Sciences Po
Jack Close, Institute for Policy Research - University of Bath
Verena Rauchenwald, Gehl
Nerea Calvillo, University of Warwick
Liliana Bounegru, University of Ghent + University of Groningen

For further information on the project contact Anders Koed Madsen (


Thanks to these people who shared their knowledge and expertise with us.


Councillor Adam Harrison, London Borough of Camden
Tom Parkes, London Borough of Camden
Rachel Wrangham, Camden Air Action
Pamela Edwards, Camden Air Action
Neil Jones, 10:10 Climate Action
Nick Pearce, Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath


Jakob Gorm, The Alternative Party
Anders Blok, Copenhagen University
Christian Gaarde Nielsen, Copenhagen Solution Lab
Niels Gorm, Gentofte School